We Are Fighters (INSTRUMENTAL) – Big Lou Feat Bruno Mars


[Hook: Bruno Mars]
In this life we are fighters
And the world they try to divide us
Time is running out
We don’t have forever
Unless we break down
This roasting together
There is no other way
There is no other way

[Verse 1: Big Lou]
Only the strong survive the weak parish off
If we stay together then we can share it all
United we stand and divided we form
Unless we let the evil ..us God is all
Put a .. under the sky is the .. felling
Sharks attacking bulls and people …
Fish dying 80% ..salute to the survivors
I admire them condolence to the one that died in triumph
Respect the .. and his alliance
Man I think the master science try to rule the world
But they got smaller things to …
Can’t see the .. to the window
Fighting for they life separate the woman from her kid
I am pitbull .. fight to the death for my life
I am a symbol